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Updated Oct 20, 2016 @ 4:30 pm
Kim Kardashian - September 29, 2016
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One day ahead of Kim Kardashian West’s 36th birthday, the reality star’s childhood bestie came forward with the ultimate round of #TBTs, proving that Mrs. West’s 16th birthday bash (20 years ago, if you can believe it) was sweet as can be—I mean, did you really expect otherwise?

Kim’s BFF Allison Statter shared the nostalgic photos on Kardashian West’s app earlier today, writing:

"Hey guys,

It's hard to believe that 20 years ago, Kim and I were turning 16 and learning how to drive. Kim didn't think she was getting a car because her dad had convinced her she didn't need her own car at 16, so when Kim walked outside after lunch to her new white BMW in the parking lot, she was SO surprised!!!

As Kim and I have grown up together and gone through some life milestones—like getting our first jobs, moving into our first apartments, getting married and having babies—it's nice to look back at all of our memories together. Her 16th birthday will always be a special memory because it was at a time in our lives where we didn't have as much responsibility.

Happy birthday, Kimmie. I love you more than you know!"

In Statter’s first throwback photo, 16-year-old Kim and her late father, Robert Kardashian, pose behind the open door of her new BMW. The Kardashian patriarch wraps an arm around his daughter’s waist and smiles into the camera, while Kim (likely still in shock) can’t keep her eyes off her new set of wheels.

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In Statter’s second throwback, the teenage pair is all smiles as they pose behind the wheel of Kim’s brand new Beamer. Even then, the birthday girl’s makeup was on point (for the ‘90s, that is), check out her brown lipstick and finely drawn brows.

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Happy early birthday, Kim! We hope your 36th year rivals the excitement of your incredible sweet 16.