Like you, Kim Kardashian West will brake for Haribo.

The reality star was spotted at a convenience store in L.A. on Monday evening clutching a pack of Haribo gummy bears—they appear to be the originals, but we feel very strongly that she should’ve gone for the sour kind (next time, Kim).

Kardashian West hit the rest stop in her all-black ensemble, which consisted of a sheer logo-bearing Gucci bra, a leather trench coat, a high-waist black pencil skirt, and transparent sandals, her long and newly platinum strands loose at her sides, makeup on-fleek as always.

Kim K 
Credit: Splash News

Her ensemble might’ve been a *little* much for a late night convenience store run, but that is the beauty of such an image—it defies both rhyme and reason.

Even though Kim spends countless hours dining in the world’s finest restaurants, it’s nice to see that she still craves life simple pleasures (i.e. drugstore gummy bears).

P.S.: It's not the first time the 36-year-old has stepped out in just a bra. The mother of two wore the very same Gucci garment in July—she paired it with the same see-through shoes, glittery leggings, and an open blazer. A Kim K.W. outfit repeat is one rare sighting.