Kim Kardashian West Would Rather Sip the Tea Than Spill It

Kim Kardashian West took to her app on Thursday to play a fun game called "this or that" which forces players to choose between two things to determine which they like more. And boy did she have opinions.

While some of Kardashian's answers were expected (like when she chose sweet over salty), others were more surprising.

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When tasked with choosing between boots or stilettos, Kardashian went with stilettos, despite the famous thigh-high boots she seems to favor heavily in her wardrobe choices.

She also chose tropical vacations over city vacations, morning over night, and comedies over thrillers.

As far as more expected answers go, she chose squats over running, which makes perfect sense considering her workout plan.

The most interesting answer, though, was when she chose to sip the tea over spilling the tea—even though she's pretty famous for spilling some grade A tea last year.

But for now, she'll keep on sipping.

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