It's been more than five months since Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris and the reality star has finally opened up about the traumatic ordeal.

Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians chronicles the aftermath of the harrowing event as well as a teary recollection of the night's events from Kim herself.

The show begins her husband Kanye West learns of the robbery in the middle of a set at Meadows Music & Arts Festival in New York City. The camera then turns to the other Kardashians as the recount how they got the news of the robbery.

"Being woken up in the middle of the night with that call was probably one of the worst nights of my life," her mom Kris Jenner says in her interview. "As I was talking to her, I was trying to wake everybody up, throwing on sweats, being frantically upset and in shock."

She goes on: "When I pulled up to her hotel, I just remember throwing my arms around Kim and thinking, 'She's alive.' We were all so traumatized that we left Paris before the sun came up."

Later in the show Kim tearfully recounts the night's events to her sisters Kourtney and Khloé. The 36-year-old mother of two reveals that at first, she thought the masked intruders were just Kourtney and a friend returning home from the club. But after repeatedly calling out to them and receiving no answer, Kim says she knew something wasn't right.

In a one-on-one interview, Kim goes on to explain how at one point she thought the men were going to rape and kill her. "He grabbed my legs—I had no clothes on under there—and he pulled me towards him at the front of the bed and I thought, 'OK, this is the moment he's going to rape me,'" she recalled. "I fully mentally prepped myself and he didn't. He duct taped my legs together and then they had the gun up to me, I knew that was the moment they were totally going to shoot me in the head."

"I just prayed that Kourtney's going to have a normal life after she sees my dead body on the bed," Kim continued. "I have a family. I have my kids and husband, my mom, I'm not going to make it out of here. I know how these things go."

Luckily she was wrong. The intruders then picked her up, put her in the bathroom and ran away with millions of dollars worth of jewelry. But most importantly, she wasn't harmed.

"It's all replaceable," she told her sisters. "None of it matters."

Following the episode's airing, Kardashian West tweeted about why she opened up about the experience. 

"I took a tragic horrific experience and did not let it diminish me, rather grew and evolved and allowed the experience to teach me," she said. "I can say I've become so much better because of it....thank you for allowing me to share my story tonight."