Kim Kardashian West Is Being "Mommy Shamed" for Posting a Pic of Her Son in a Car Seat

When Kim Kardashian West posted a picture of her son Saint in his car seat, the unexpected happened—the photo ignited a comment section war.

The mogul's Facebook picture showed Saint facing forward in the seat, which some followers have taken issue with.

They pointed out that car seats that face forward actually violate a California law that mandates that kids under the age of two sit in a rear-facing car seat. Saint will be two in December.

Kim Kardashian West/Facebook

But even then, the rule isn't clear cut.

Any toddler who weighs more than 40 pounds or is at least 40 inches tall can be exempt from the law, so Kardashian isn't necessarily breaking it, especially since we don't know if the photo was even taken in the state of California.

The result of all this? A fired up comment section of supporters and admonishers. This has caused some posters in the comment section to bring up the term "mommy shaming" to describe the frenzy.

It doesn't seem to be bothering Kardashian, though, which is likely a positive thing.

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