By Isabel Jones
Updated Jul 19, 2018 @ 9:30 am

Kim Kardashian’s new Kimoji-inspired fragrance line launched yesterday, and, like everything she says/does/wears, it’s already a topic of much discussion.

The line features three different fragrances: the Kimoji cherry, Kimoji peach, and Kimoji “vibes.” And while the launch was successful, as expected—Kardashian reportedly made $1 million per minute in the line’s first five minutes live—not all Kimoji “vibes” were good ones.

According to The Blast, Kardashian is being sued by Chicago-based marketing company Vibes Media for “marketing, promoting, and now selling a Vibes perfume,” which they claim “comes in a bottle that is a close facsimile of the Registered Vibes Logo.”

The Vibes Media logo, trademarked in 2012, features the lowercase spelling of “vibes” in a white font encircled by a blue speech bubble. Though both the speech bubble and lettering are modified, Kardashian’s “vibes” kimoji and perfume bottle do appear similar to the logo in question.

Credit: Courtesy

According to TMZ, Vibes Media is seeking damages as well as the destruction of all unsold Kimoji “vibes” perfumes.

We understand wanting to have the products destroyed, but isn’t that just going to increase the value of those that have already been purchased? Kim’s “vibes” fragrance might just be this generation’s Princess Diana Beanie Baby.