If You Thought Kim Kardashian's Refrigerators Were Impressive, Look at Her Playroom

"So, this is where my kids have fun." 

First, Kim Kardashian West showed us her massive kitchen setup. Then, she took to Instagram for a tour of her kids' playroom, which was an even bigger surprise.

On Wednesday evening (February 12), the reality star gave followers a quick tour of the kid-centric area of the minimalist mansion she shares with husband Kanye West and the rest of the family.

"You guys always say my house is so minimal — well, you guys haven’t seen my playroom," she began as she walked viewers through what appeared to be a massive play area for her kids to spend time in. First, she took us through the main, open area, where she noted the kids "often have band."

Kim Kardashian Playroom - 1
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The play space featured a drum set, microphones meant for belting out tunes to karaoke, and expensive decorations to complement the music-centric toys. The next room featured a projector built right into it to let her kids watch movies and TV while playing – you know, as we all do.

A quick glance around the room revealed many of the same toys that you might find in any toddler's room – rocking horses, a My Little Pony doll, and even an art easel. There was even a ball pit with a slide attached to it, just in case the kids wanted to live out their at-home Chuck E. Cheese fantasies.

Kim Kardashian Playroom - 1
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

But the play space wasn't all about sitting down with toys and making noise. Kim also showed off the homework area.

"All in here is organized educational stuff," Kim said of one area with a well-stocked bookshelf. She then moved on to a fun replica of a store with a cash register, set up for little Chi. The tour may have been a short one, but it was filled with plenty of ways for Kim's family to enjoy themselves together – far from the "barren" look Kim and Kanye's palatial home seems to project in photos we've seen before. That's obviously the image the family wants to show off to the public.

"So, this is where my kids have fun," Kim concluded near the end of her video series. It should make sense, considering the Kardashian family's refrigerator game is on lock like it is – why wouldn't her kids have an enormous playroom, too?

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