The Last 3 Things Kim Kardashian Googled Are Surprising, TBH

If you were to open Kim Kardashian West's full browser history, it probably wouldn't look how you'd expect.

Kardashian West took to her app on Monday to reveal some of her current life faves, and she included a peek at her browser history while she was at it. And it was—in a word—surprising.

While fans might expect her to be Googling things related to her business (or even to herself), we don't think people would guess what she actually searched for.

The last three things Kardashian Googled were:

1. "A Land Rover"

2. "Platinum Motorsport Wheels"

3. "Kid's Pajamas."

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All right, so the last one isn't super surprising (gotta get Saint's adorable dinosaur PJs somewhere), but the first two? Definitely unexpected. Maybe this means we can expect some a road trip from the West family soon.

In addition to her browser history, Kardashian also revealed that she's wearing perfume that has "anything with Gardena" in it, she wants to build up her legs during workouts, and she's craving banana bread (girl, same).

As for what's trending, Kardashian isn't paying much attention. She shared her indifference regarding trends that she wishes would come back and explained: "I don’t really follow trends—I just wear what I like."

Is it a coincidence that what she wears then becomes trendy? We think not.

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