If you believe in fate, then Kim Kardashian West was destined for a life in the spotlight from a very early age.

The first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired in 2007, but her fascination with perfect lighting and Insta-worthy selfies started at a much earlier time—when the now-35-year-old reality TV star was just a girl growing up in Southern California. So does she remember her first-ever selfie? “I do, actually,” Kardashian West tells InStyle.

“1984. I put it as the first picture in my book [Selfish],” she reveals. “I was with Khloé and I remember: Kourtney and I were torturing her and put my mom’s clip-on earrings on her and then I grabbed her and I took a camera and I took a picture of her. It’s kind of close up but it’s so funny 'cause she’s screaming and I’m, like, laughing. I’m 4-years-old, maybe 5."

Those who can't get enough of her selfies are in luck: On Friday Kardashian West took to Instagram (naturally) to announce a new edition of her picture tome. The updated Selfish book will feature two new chapters and will hit stores "soon."

New Selfish alert! 2 more chapters added! Dropping soon!

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Seems like she truly found her calling.