By Jane Asher
Dec 12, 2016 @ 10:15 am

Its been amost three months since Kim Kardashian West dropped out of the public eye after her horrific robbery ordeal in Paris, but now, it seems as if she's more than ready to make her return.

Although her first public appearance was supposed to take place at the Angel Ball in New York City last month, she had to head back to Los Angeles just before her red carpet walk, due to her husband Kanye West's hospitalization. But never fear, Kim fans! She recently filmed a two-minute video with LOVE Magazine for the 2016 LOVE Advent Calendar as Day 12, doing what Kim Kardashian West does best: being sexy.

VIDEO: Kim Kardashian's Instagram Tricks for the Perfect Selfie

In the video, Kardashian West is seen in an outer space setting (or maybe Arctic, thanks to the Northern Lights' effect, but we can't be totally sure), clad of couse only in a lacy, nude lingerie set, a fur coat, and stilettos—and damn, the girl looks good. Clearly those months of rest and relaxation did her well. It's all the Kim we've been missing in one sexy video, and a sign-off reading, "peace on earth."

You may recognize the Love Advent Calendar videos thanks to Bella Hadid's sexy workout video from Day 1, Irina Shayk's Day 2 recreation of the pottery wheel scene from Ghost, and Kendall Jenner just sitting pretty (sexy) against a deep blue backdrop on Day 5.

Watch the video above to get a full taste of Kim Kardashian West, who is back baby, and better than ever.