By Danielle Prescod
Sep 12, 2015 @ 12:00 pm
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The Labor Day holiday traditionally signifies the end of the summer. It’s time for back to school, New York Fashion Week, and, well, fall. However, for most of us on the East Coast, it will still be summer for at least another month, or at least it will feel that way. For example, in New York City today, the high is 82 degrees with humidity. Thus, it feels like 92, which puts a wrench in busting out those new fall purchases…except if you are Kim Kardashian

The reality starlet arrived in N.Y.C. post LDW ready to take on fashion week (here to presumably support besties Riccardo Tisci and Alexander Wang), but it was clear she wanted summer to be over and done with. How do I know this? Well, her outfits, of course; seasonal denial is something that plagues many a celeb.  The soon to be mother of two arrived in Gotham wearing one of her signature looks: painted-on, destroyed skinny jeans and a graphic tee, but thrown over her shoulders was... a coat! This would have been a fine choice, but the weather was literally 89 degrees. This was just the beginning. She continued to totally ignore the weather on her tour of New York in the subsequent days. Let’s review.

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Here she is on September 7, wearing the aforementioned outfit. This fan needed to get a selfie with her for many obvious reasons, but primarily because he was standing next to the hottest woman in the world—literally, she is in a coat!

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During the day on September 8, Kardashian wore a pony hair coat and black thigh high boots in 95 degree weather. You could argue that she also had on a mesh shirt, but that is not nearly enough ventilation to justify her hairy topper.

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That night, Kardashian went to see her tea-sipping bestie Serena Williams play her sister Venus at the US Open. She decided to make it a family affair of her own and let little sis Kendall Jenner tag along.  Perhaps donning a coat was a squad requirement, because Jenner was also curiously sporting a coat with a sweater. To their credit, the temperature did drop a whole 9 degrees during the match.

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On September 9, Kardashian emerged from her Soho apartment with mini style icon North West in tow. The former is wearing thigh high boots again, but this time in brown. She is also wearing a sweater dress, but at least it's sleeveless! It’s 85 degrees. 

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Ok, now I am onto you Kim. Since she is pregnant, the star is really not going to let anyone get a glimpse at her most famous asset, hence all the outerwear. In true Kim K fashion, she must cover up in the most luxurious way possible. On September 15, a sable coat and thigh high boots. As Luther Vandross famously sang, "Never too much." 

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I can not explain Kardashian's affinity for the fall except that, perhaps, she is trying to wear her latest fashions before someone else does—I’m looking at you Kylie Jenner! But maybe she just doesn't overheat. Wish I could say the same for me.

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