If you are lucky enough to be Kim Kardashian West, you could probably get your hands on just about any garment in the world. The sky's the limit on wardrobe choices from practically any era (including Sound of Music ones, as we learned this week), but some of Kardashian's fashion choices are a little more ... unconventional.

Case in point: a vintage Gucci G-string thong that's reportedly from Tom Ford's 1997 collection, making it same age that her littlest sis Kylie Jenner just turned on her birthday (that's 21, for those of you who are bad at math).

Now we are not Kim's mother (though in our wildest dreams, we fully embrace our inner Kris Jenners) but that seems a little ... questionable. First off, where has that thing been? It's one thing to wear a vintage coat or dress, but a thong?!? Sanitary precautions are important, Kimberly. At least tell us you washed it.

It could be possible that Gucci gifted the piece unused to Kardashian from their archives, or it could be that Kim just has a flare for a little "something old" every once in awhile. Last summer was, after all, the era of Kardashian's vintage Dior bikini, which basically allowed her body to defy gravity during her sister Kourtney's birthday trip to Mexico.

Perhaps this time, she has really and truly run out of interesting underwear to Instagram, making the throwback moment a perfect fit. Who knows. The clearest part of the whole thing, though, is that Kim's Gucci moment unequivocally overshadows the fact that she's putting on makeup in the Instagram (while also promoting her contour singles, #multitasking).

Leave it to Kim to come back with another body-bearing vintage moment right before summer ends. But please, as a public service, keep your fingers crossed that the exposed thong trend from the ‘00s doesn’t come back with her.