Kim Kardashian Looks Relatably Annoyed That Her Versace Dress Doesn't Fit

I mean, I hate it when my Versace dress doesn't fit. 

Forget squabbles with siblings over candy at children's birthday parties — is there really anything worse than when a good dress doesn't fit?

Kim Kardashian posted a photo of this extremely relatable moment of anguish on Instagram on Thursday evening, writing in the caption, "How good would this @versace dress have been if it fit," along with a sobbing emoji.

Kim appears both irritated and dejected in the image — you can practically hear her breathy voice intoning, "Like, I'm so annoyed."

To be fair to Kimberly, it is an excellent Versace dress, and it has all the hallmarks of a Kardashian staple: it's sparkly; it's pink; there's a sheer element (the baby pink straps appear to be see-through). The only thing missing? It doesn't look to be form-fitting — a must for Kim K. In the photo, the 39-year-old appears to be holding the fabric against her waist to keep it from sagging.

It's unclear why Kardashian wouldn't have paid to have the dress altered, or just called up her good friend Donatella (Versace) to have her whip up a new one. Either way, we're sending our thoughts and prayers to Kim at this difficult time. I, for one, hate when my Very Good Versace dress doesn't fit. A true travesty.

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