Baby Chicago looks just like Northie!

Kim Kardashian's babies are barely babies anymore — and they're (obviously) growing up to be the most photogenic toddlers in the land.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared an absolutely adorable snap of her two youngest kids on Tuesday, with a very cute caption. Little 22-month-old Chicago can be seen snuggling up with her younger brother, 5-month-old Psalm, as they stare up playfully into the camera.

"My heart!" Kim captioned the photo, and we can definitely see why. It's really just too cute for words. With both little ones clad in light creams and beiges for the quick snap, the photo captured a heartwarming moment in the Kardashian household.

What's fun about the snap is that you can really see just how much Chi looks like her sister North in the photo. According to Kim, there's a little bit of both her and Kanye in Chicago, but they're not exactly sure who Psalm will take after more yet.

"For Chi, it’s still too early to say," Kim told Vogue Arabia about her kids' attitudes and behaviors. "She has a temper that we don’t have but then she’s so calm, which is just like us too. For Psalm, it’s too early to tell. Hopefully they will have little bits of us and lots of themselves."

This new look at Chi and Psalm is a great companion snap to a recent impromptu photo shoot she shared of 3-year-old Saint West with cousin Dream Kardashian. Dream is the daughter of Kim's brother Rob Kardashian and his ex Black Chyna, and it looks like Dream and Saint are super close.

"Happy Birthday sweet Dreamy!" Kim captioned the cute Instagram post she shared of the two children "We all love you so very much! Going through my phone and see so much of you and Saint makes my heart so happy that you all are so close and have each other."

The Kardashian kids are stealing hearts left and right. Here's hoping plenty more snaps and family photos are on the way, as these babies are growing bigger every single day. It feels like just yesterday we were gushing over their first baby photos.