Kim Kardashian Named Which Sex and the City Character She'd Be and It's Not Who You Think

Kim Kardashian West may be the star of the Kar-Jenner clan, but she does not see herself as a Carrie Bradshaw figure. The celeb appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s new YouTube series, Ellen’s Show Me More Show, and answered some of Ellen’s burning questions, including which Sex and the City character she most identifies with. Fans might be shocked at the woman she chose.

“I’ve always been such a Charlotte,” Kardashian West declared. “She’s, like, kind of conservative and whatever, and I know you guys would never believe that, but I swear in high school at least I was.” Gosh, if she’s not a Carrie, we’d at least think she was a Samantha.

The mom of two opened up about some other shocking high school behavior, including her innovative cheating methods. “I used to cheat on all of my tests. We would wear uniforms, and so I’d wear this little skirt. I would flip up the skirt and write all of the answers in washable ink. What is the teacher going to do, ask you to lift up your skirt?” she revealed.

And as for her No. 1 style icon, the reality star had a quick answer: “Cher. My dream of life would be to look in her closet one day. I would die. I would die!” she said.

Watch the clip above to learn even more about the self-declared open book.

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