Kim Kardashian Insists Kanye West Is "Very Simple"

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Despite his wild Twitter rants, public feuds with fellow celebrities, and multi-million dollar Christmas presents, Kanye West is just your average dude, according to wife Kim Kardashian.

In a new interview with Stellar magazine (via The Daily Mail), Kim details the couple's day-to-day life as a married couple, and insists that the rapper is "very simple."

"He's very simple. If I bring him a warm brownie and ice-cream, he's very happy, and that'll win me points for, like, a good week." Who knew that's all it took?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Kim reiterated her point with another example, saying: "Yes, he's very simple. And he lets me watch my TV shows that I want at night...Even when he wants to watch Rick And Morty all night long, and I want to watch Dateline, he lets me watch Dateline."

The KKW beauty founder has also made compromises ever since Kanye's recent spiritual journey. Earlier this month, she revealed that they removed TVs from their kids' rooms and no longer let their eldest daughter North wear makeup. "I obviously want to honor him and what he's feeling," Kim said during an interview with The Real. "And he's been going through this life change."

"Just where he has gone in his life and maybe things that he did a year ago, he probably wouldn't be doing today," she continued.

"And I love that beautiful journey as well and I think that's a great example for our kids. But, you know, there's also that fine line of staying firm and doing what you feel comfortable with. And I take a little bit of him and I hear what he's saying and I totally compromise."

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