Kim Kanye
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Kanye and Kim Kardashian West’s 6-month-old son Saint may have big, fashionable shoes to fill—his father is a designer after all—but thankfully the little tike isn’t alone. Offering a rare glimpse of her only son’s wardrobe, Kim took to her app and website to share an image of the latest addition to the growing cutie’s closet.

“Saint has so many amazing designer pieces already!!!” she wrote, explaining that much of his closet is understandably inspired by Kanye’s neutral-toned, athletic style. So what can Saint look forward to sporting very soon? A killer black leather bomber jacket that looks like it’ll not just fit perfectly, but also comes in a larger size for the leading lady in his life: mommy.

The street-ready staple, which features silver hardware and oversize pockets, came courtesy of a close family friend. “My friend, and one of my makeup artists, Joyce Bonelli’s boyfriend, Ben, has this line called Unravel and they made Saint and me matching bombers. How cute is that?” Cute indeed.

Saint West Bomber Jackets

Back in February, the reality TV star and media entrepreneur took to Instagram to showcase a mini-me piece that Ralph Lauren made for her then newborn. Talk about teaching them how to take fashionable steps.