It's crowded in the West house.


Kim Kardashian is quarantining with her husband, Kanye West, and their four children. And even though she insists that she's managing just fine, the combination of close quarters and juggling everything that the kids need made her realize that she's not going to have any more. During an interview with The View (via video, of course), Kardashian said that what she — and many people — is going through is very, very hard.

"Being at home with four kids — if I ever thought for a minute that I wanted another one, that is out the door," she joked. "It's really tough. It's really tough."

Kim Kardashian - Balenciaga : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2020/2021
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It's not all bad, however. Kardashian added that she's enjoying the quality time that's she's getting with everyone. Family bonding at the West house, she explains, involves '80s classics, walks, and just being together.

"I actually love that time because we do travel so much in our regular world that this has been [great.] I think the family bonding part of it all — [we’re] going on walks outside [and] watched every single movie you could possibly imagine," she added. "I've been showing the kids all these '80s movies like Harry and the Hendersons and stuff that they wouldn’t watch."

Quarantine's been tough for other reasons, she notes. Anyone who manages to keep up with the Kardashians knows that the entire family is close, but because of social distancing and safety precautions, that can't happen. Like a lot of people, the Kardashians are using tech to stay connected.

"It's been really hard," she said of being separated from her sisters. "We do Zoom dinners where we all make our plate and get on. We’re on a group family chat all the time, FaceTiming my grandma, my sisters. It has been really challenging. It was just really good to see Kylie this morning even for a second when she was doing my makeup and everything we wanted to catch up on."