When she's not busy working on a body makeup line (and subsequently getting backlash for it), Kim Kardashian is putting her influence to good use at the White House. And, ya know, taking the opportunity to pose for photos atop a table to celebrate the trip.

On Monday, she posted photos to Instagram from her visit to the White House earlier this month, during which she announced a new collaboration between ride-hailing company Lyft and the First Step Act, which will help recently released prisoners.

The behind-the-scenes shots showed Kim posing in her Very Good Suit, speaking at a podium, sitting with Ivanka Trump, and striking a major pose atop a table with the attorneys she has been working with, Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson (both of whom were sitting in chairs at the table).

Kim tagged the Four Seasons in the photo, so it was presumably taken at a hotel and not actually in the White House. Along with her chanteuse-atop-a-piano pose, she also made sure to have her Caroline Lemke sunglasses and Hermès bag on display.

Kim Kardashian Fully Posed on Top of a Table at the White House
Credit: kimkardashian/Instagram

Just Kim doing what she does best: Advocating for prison reform and being delightfully extra.