Maybe she was born with it, maybe it's a Photoshop fail.


The Kardashians' Photoshop fails have, at this point, become a running theme in their social media presence, but that doesn't mean it's any less baffling when we spot another one.

On Monday, Kim shared a photo on Instagram of herself with Kylie to promote their collaboration on a new fragrance line, but any excitement for the new products was quickly outweighed by what seems to be a major photo-editing error. As some people began pointing out, it looks like Kim has six toes on her left foot.

Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail 6 Toes Instagram
Credit: instagram/kimkardashian
Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail Instagram Closeup
Credit: instagram/kimkardashian

"Kim honey u got 6 toes," one commenter wrote, while another simply asked, "Why you got 6 toes?"

"Am I tripping or does Kim have 6 toes? Someone explain, I'm so confused! I counted so many times," another confused Instagram user asked.

Someone else also pointed out that they thought Kylie's hand looked a little more curved than usual.

Kim, if you're out there, please help us solve this mystery (and maybe talk to your photo editor).