Here's what industry insiders have to say.


Another day, another Kardashian photoshop scandal … Though this time around, it’s not just a Kardashian that’s getting flack.

KarJenner watchdog account @fakegirlsfvckya alleged on Instagram that Kim Kardashian pays "paparazzi companies" to photoshop her images before they’re distributed. They found unedited photos of Kim reportedly taken by onlookers and others by professional paparazzi that reveal noticeable differences in the size of her bust, hips, and butt.

And while we can’t speak to the alleged exchange of money, an insider source revealed that it is something of an “open secret” in the industry that Kim has “a relationship with an agency that stages paparazzi photos.”

Kim played with this idea in the paparazzi-styled campaign images for Yeezy season 6.

An additional source confirmed that celebrities often retain control of which photos are uploaded to photo agencies as well, vetoing those that they think are less than flattering. “It’s a common thing. It’s business,” they told us.

What may be more surprising to hear, however, is that it's not out of the realm of possibility that agencies may alter images themselves, as opposed to Kim getting crafty on Facetune after the photos are published. Though much less common, our source reveals that whomever owns the original photo may touch up here and there at the request of the subject, especially if the celebrity is of a certain status, and, like Kim, is willing to "leak" her whereabouts. Obviously, we can't confirm whether the reality star goes to this length, but the watchdog account's claims are not spun out of thin air.

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For Kim, the connections — whether money is exchanged or not — have paid off. You don’t become the most visible woman in the world without a little help from your (celebrity photographer) friends.