By Victoria Moorhouse
Mar 13, 2019 @ 1:00 pm

Here's your confirmation that Kim Kardashian West has a thing for green hair. While she's shown her approval for all things "slime" in the past, this time, she's toning things down with a cooler, pastel version of the shade. 

As most KarJenner transformations go, in a new Instagram pic, Kim Kardashian debuted pale green hair, styled in loose, mermaid-esque waves. She confirmed the fairytale oceanic vibe with a mermaid emoji, too. 

Considering she was wearing a super high ponytail in her natural dark brunette hair color just ten hours ago, it's safe to assume this is either a wig, or a throwback. 

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But the pic does bring up the fact that Kim K.W. is due for a dramatic hair color change in the near future. She went blonde in the beginning of last year, followed by a short stint with pastel pink hair. So, if history repeats itself, maybe this unassuming snapshot is foreshadowing an upcoming hair reveal. Only time (or Kris Jenner) will tell.