Does it get more meta than this?


Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are in on the joke, there's no doubt about that. In a new video she made for Vogue, Kardashian explains that the dynamic duo almost went full meta this year for Halloween, but they just didn't have enough time to dig into their archives and pull it off. The plan? To dress as themselves circa 2006, when the two of them took a trip down to Sydney, Australia, and gave the world an unforgettable metallic photo op.

In the clip, Kardashian says that she and Hilton planned to do a couples costume this year, using the clothes and accessories from that now-iconic photo op. Fans may remember that Kardashian actually got her start as Hilton's closet organizer and stylist, so she offered up a few fun facts for Vogue, too.

Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton Halloween
Credit: PhotoNews International Inc./Getty Images

If everything had gone to plan, Hilton and Kardashian were hoping to tote their limited-edition, oversize metallic Louis Vuitton Alma bags, which Kardashian says she still has in her collection. During their jaunt Down Under, Kardashian wore hers with a silver Louis Vuitton swimsuit and white pants. Paris wore a white cover-up that featured gold embroidery that matched her bag. While she still has the handbags, Kardashian admits that they might not be in the same condition that they were back in 2006.

"Paris does not take care of her purses, so if you see what's inside of her bag there's a million things [...] makeup, lashes [...] it's like a pharmacy inside of her bag, so I would not let her put anything inside of her bag," Kardashian said. "It's an empty bag that she's carrying."

Hilton and Kardashian have only re-cemented their BFF status recently. After a falling out, the two seem to be back on good terms. Kardashian appeared in Hilton's music video for "Best Friend's A—" and Hilton returned the favor by appearing in a Yeezy campaign. While they didn't manage to fulfill our nostalgic dreams this year, they've got plenty of time to get the costumes together for Halloween 2020.