North West's Latest Snapchats with Kim Kardashian West May Be Her Cutest Yet

Kim Kardashian North West LEAD
Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

If you recall, North West was not a fan of Snapchat when her mom, Kim Kardashian West, first joined the platform, but now that's all changed. The almost 3-year-old cutie is a regular on her mom's account, and it seems she's finally embraced the fun app—especially the filters.

During a family outing to Nobu in Malibu, Calif., over the weekend, Kardashian West and little Nori had some fun in the car pre-sushi, experimenting with filters and being all-around adorable. In one of the first snaps from the outing, North sits on her mom's lap with a flower crown on her head. "Say hi Snapchat," Kardashian West says. "Hi Snapchat," North replies with a big smile on her face. They then try out the star filter before heading into the restaurant, where they watched the waves from the hot spot's balcony.

After lunch, the family got back in the car and we learned that North may not be a fan of Ariana Grande. Kardashian West put on Grande's "One Last Time," and when she asked if her daughter liked the song, she didn't reply favorably.

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