North West Got the Cutest Bday Gift—Guess What It Is?

North West turned four on Thursday and naturally, mom Kim Kardashian West went all out. The birthday girl had a party at Chuck E. Cheese followed by a celebratory meal with family at the popular 50's diner, Ruby's. The lucky four-year-old was also gifted a tiny Pomeranian puppy. Kim took to Snapchat to display the palm sized pooch for her millions of followers. "This dog is so tiny!"

Kim Kardashian Shows Off North's New Puppy EMBED 1

The beauty mogul and mother-of-two cooed while the little yellow ball of fur panted in her lap. "What should we name you cutie?" Kim repeatedly asked while posing demurely with the pup.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off North's New Puppy EMBED 2

As the yet-to-be-named dog scampered across the floor, it let out several tiny yelps and played with Kardashian West. It is noteworthy that North's aunt Kourtney shared similar Snapchats with equally small looking Pomeranian dogs. Hopefully North's cousin and super BFF Penelope received a matching puppy!

Kim Kardashian Shows Off North's New Puppy EMBED 3

North West Had a Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Party and Dream Was There Too

On the big day Kim and several Kardashian-Jenner family members Instagrammed their birthday wishes for the much loved four-year-old.

One of the sweet messages was by North's maternal grandmother Kris Jenner. "Lovey" as she is called by all her grandchildren wrote, "Happy birthday to our beautiful, funny, smart little love bug, North. You bring so much light to our lives and I am blessed beyond words to have you as my granddaughter. It brings me so much joy to watch you grow up to be sweet and kind and loving... I love you so much my precious angel girl...Lovey xo"


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