"I'm hiding in the guest room because my kids will not leave me alone."


During this period of social distancing, it can be totally normal to need a bit of time away from your kids – even if you're Kim Kardashian West.

The busy mom has been stealing moments for herself where she can, but most of her time has been dedicated to ensuring she's there for her kids when they need her, as she shared during a recent episode of Jimmy Fallon's talk show Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

When the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took to Instagram on Thursday (April 9), she fully intended to film a complete "work at home" makeup tutorial for her followers. But daughter North West just couldn't be without her mom for the entire tutorial. Kim's habit of sometimes "hiding" from her brood for some me time jumped out.

Kim filmed her tutorial in the bathroom, where she shows viewers how to get a certain look. As she's applying concealer, little North makes her first cameo.

Little North decides to walk in on her mom off-camera, as Kim calls over to her "Is it P.E. time? Are you doing yoga today?" North chats with her mom about some of the exercise she and her siblings are getting while at home, and honestly, "Pokémon yoga" sounds like fun. And everything is going great, until North peeks in again.

"Can I wash my hands?" Kim asks her daughter if she can please do that in another room, but Northie just wants to hang out.

"I'm hiding in the guest room because my kids will not leave me alone," Kim confesses to the camera."

"Hey, that's mean!" North calls to her.

We see the normally patient Kim take a moment to center herself as North continues walking in and out of the bathroom. It's a moment many parents are likely familiar with.

It seems even Kim Kardashian is a little frustrated with her kids' behavior sometimes, but hey, how adorable is North coming in to hang out with mom?