She's been drawing inspiration from "a totally important designer." 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Mar 07, 2019 @ 8:15 am

Kim Kardashian has a new aesthetic: head-to-toe leopard print Alaïa.

The O.G. influencer arrived (like truly *arrived*) in Paris on Tuesday in a vintage 1991 Alaïa catsuit, a matching Cruella de Vil-esque coat, and complementary lace-up booties ($2,060;

Yesterday she followed (cat)suit — this time in a fully sheer leopard print Alaïa one-piece with black swatches of fabric covering her breasts and an underwear-shaped piece covering her pelvis. Kardashian accessorized with a beret (‘cause, like, how else would we have known she’s in France?) and a pair of her signature PVC pumps.

So … which 1991 leopard print Alaïa will she wear next? We can only hope she goes for the bustier look:

Azzedine Alaia Fall 1991 RTW
Credit: Guy Marineau/Getty Images

Kim’s already used two iconic Clueless quotes for her Alaïa Instagram posts, but she has one viable option left: “It’s like a totally important designer.”

OK, it’s settled. Please reach out for any further styling on social media queries, Kim.