What, like it's hard? 


Kim Kardashian went all-out for Halloween this year.

Not only did she bring her A-game with an Elle Woods costume, she also filmed her own version of the famous testimony video Reese Witherspoon's character submits to Harvard University in 2001's Legally Blonde. And because Kim Kardashian doesn't do anything half-heartedly, it's a perfect shot-for-shot remake, right down to the pool, the dog, and the "I object!" scene.

In addition to the video, Kim shared photos of herself in several Elle Woods outfits, from the pink dress to the string bikini. She also brought in a Chihuahua to play Bruiser, though it's unclear if the dog belongs to her (it's certainly not the new Pomeranians she posted about last month).

Given Kim's own aspirations in practicing law, it's perhaps not too surprising that she found inspiration in another L.A. girl who, against all odds, becomes a successful Harvard-educated lawyer.

What, like it's hard?