By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Jul 21, 2017 @ 10:00 am

The year 2017 finally has the masterpiece it deserves: an opera based on Kim Kardashian West's short-lived and long-lampooned marriage to Kris Humphries. Seriously, this is very much a real thing, and it's headed for the stage in London.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who sent a writer to review the new work, "The Marriage of Kim K" is a mash-up of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro and Kardashian's famous 72-day marriage to the NBA star. And before you get too excited, it's not really about the failed marriage.

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THR reports that the heart of the play is in the story of frustrated composer Stephen (played by Stephen Hyde, the opera's real composer) and Amelia (Amelia Gabriel, Hyde's real-life partner) as the two come to blows over their conflicting cultural tastes. She loves trashy reality TV, and he insists on listening to Mozart. What's a modern couple to do?

Overall, the opera strikes an affectionate chord towards Kardashian, and even the program jokingly acknowledges that the reality star might one day sue the production. Until then, you can catch "The Marriage of Kim K" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August and on stage later this year in London.