The star of Season 15 of Keeping up with the Kardashians? It’s shaping up to be Kim Kardashian’s quick wit and sharp tongue. As you know, a central theme across the past few episodes has been the beauty mogul’s feud with her older sister Kourtney, and damn … Kim’s really digging below the belt.

After Kim called Kourtney “the least interesting to look at” (ouch) and told her that she doesn’t know “what it takes to run a f­—ing business” (double ouch), she’s back to add insult to injury. In a preview for next Sunday’s episode, Kim and Khloé FaceTime with their other sister (so many sisters!) Kendall Jenner to talk about Kourtney’s recent attitude and what they think of her.

But before we explain the shots fired, a little context.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian lead
Credit: Jared Siskin

In the clip, Khloé dissects a conversation that she had with Kourtney, which was about a conversation that Kourtney had with Kendall. “She was like, ‘Me and Kendall were talking about you,’ and [Kourtney] goes, ‘You’re really scared about how your life is going to turn out,’” Khloé tells Kim. “She thinks I’m scared and that’s why I’m acting out because I don’t want to let my old life go.”

We’re presuming Kourtney was referring to Khloé's pregnancy, but let’s continue.

Kim responded by saying, “No one understands us like us.” Brilliant thought, Kim. And Khloé said, “It’s hard for me to even be around her at this point.” Damn, it’s like that? Shortly after, they call Kendall. “The fact that you even hang out with Kourtney, you’re such a f—ing freak … I’m just kidding,” Kim tells Kendall. “Why? Kourt’s my best friend right now,” Kendall replied.

“I question your morals. I question your humanity,” Kim added.

As if that weren’t enough, they moved on to talk about the fact that Kourtney was considering leaving town with her children for the holidays, much to the ire of Khloé (who said she’d “miss the kids”), Kendall (who said “that would be insane”) and Kim who … what did Kim say?

Here’s where the jab comes in.

“Do you think it’s like a cry for help, a cry for attention? Is she the new Rob?” Kim said. Boom. Kim Kardashian insinuated that Kourtney, the sister with which she’s feuding, is crying out for attention and is behaving similarly to Rob, their only brother who’s essentially dropped off the face of the planet following a diabetes diagnosis, weight gain, a very public breakup with Blac Chyna, and the birth of their daughter, Dream Kardashian. Low blow, huh?

Rob Kardashian - Lead 2016
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All of this, however, should be taken with a grain of salt. For over a decade, the Kardashians have profited by turning their often mundane interactions into headlines — thank you for that, Kris Jenner. Even if Kourtney and Kim did despise each other at the time, so far they’ve maintained good face on social media.

What could this all be leading up to? Kris Jenner recently hinted at the grand and calculated comeback of Rob come Season 16, a move that falls in line with writer Nicole Pomarico’s theory that for years, the family’s universe has been shrinking only to include blood-related members. Kim suddenly mentioning Rob amid a feud with Kourtney? It’s a little too perfect, which makes us think it’s the way the producers’ (read: the Kardashians, who produce their own show along with Ryan Seacrest) will make us thirsty for next season.

We’ll take another round.