Kim Kardashian Has Been Secretly Wearing Her Next KKW Beauty Launch for Months

It's only been days since Kim Kardashian dropped her trio of healing crystal-inspired KKW Beauty fragrances, but she's not wasting any time before her line's next product launch. In fact, she's been low-key teasing it for months.

In an interview with People about her fragrances, Kardashian dropped the bomb that KKW Beauty lipsticks are coming next. "You have no idea—I started wearing it at New York Fashion Week [in September],” she told PeopleStyle. “I posted this photo at the Alexander Wang show on my Instagram and I never had more people ask what lipstick it is in that photo. It was the most satisfying feeling when friends, makeup artists, everyone was like, ‘What is this lip liner?'”

Kardashian didn't share what we can expect in terms of colors and formulas, but considering that a nude lip is just as much a part of her signature beauty look as a killer contour, we're willing to bet that Kardashian comes out with her version of the perfect nude lipstick. “It’s what we’ve been formulating,” Kardashian said. “Lip liners and lipsticks. I’m so excited for them to come out. It’s gonna be so good.”

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Kardashian's next launch may be exciting, but for real KKW Beauty stans, the news isn't surprising since the star gave her Instagram followers a more direct hint that she was going to be launching lipsticks back in September when she posted a photo of a lip print.

As for when you can get your hands on KKW Beauty's lipsticks? That's TBA by Kardashian. But, when the lipsticks do drop, the star has a pretty stellar glam session playlist you can listen to when you're testing and swatching them.

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