By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Nov 03, 2017 @ 3:30 pm

Oh, the elusive KKW Beauty line.

For weeks, Kim Kardashian has been teasing us with photos of orchids and crystals on her newly-created KKW Fragrance account. As of today, we no longer have to guess what the scent looks like, and surprise, surprise, the star is into crystals now. But wait, there's more—it isn't just one fragrance she's launching. There will be three KKW Fragrances, all with a central gardenia note. While only the Crystal Gardenia bottle was displayed, Kardashian mentioned an additional Crystal Gardenia Citrus scent, as well as a Crystal Gardenia Oud scent.

She's got a thing for gardenias, which makes sense, considering it's a pretty sensual note, and in her already-existing lineup of scents, the floral plays a part in each one.

No word yet on what the Crystal trio (that we've so dubbed the collection) will be priced per bottle, but you can expect to see them live on the KKW Beauty site on November 15.

Knowing the star, she won't hesitate too long before posting up shots of the remaining two bottles, and we're also sure she won't wait before she probably teases another upcoming scent. That Kim, always working on something.