Kim Kardashian Is Finally Dropping the KKW Beauty Product You've Always Wanted

Shortly after the initial KKW Beauty launch, Kim Kardashian West gave her fans a taste of the future by being completely open about the products she planned on adding to her collection—not that her honesty lowered our anticipation any. Back in August, in an interview with People, Kardashian said that the third product in her brand would be concealers.

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Well, from what we can gather from Snapchat pics and snippets of makeup tutorials between the celebrity and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, it looks a Kardashian Koncealer (um, sorry, concealer) will be here any day now.

In a series of Snapchat pics and videos, Kardashian teased what looks to be a concealer being applied underneath her eyes, her chin, and in-between her eyebrows. Given the obvious packaging shape, plus the fact that this is exactly where we usually dab on the everyday staple, we're pretty confident with our assumption.

That's the only glimpse we got at the potential concealers, as she went on to create a glowy, glossy eye makeup look afterwards with Dedivanovic.

Hopefully Kardashian confirms the concealers and drops this how-to very soon.

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