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Kim and Kanye First Lady Lead
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Considering Kanye West's VMAs announcement that he will be running for president in 2020, obviously our thoughts immediately turned to the most important element of that announcement: First Lady of the United States Kim Kardashian. Here are five historically significant First Ladies from whom Kardashian could take cues if—nay, when—she ascends to that vaunted post.

Dolley Madison: Forward Thinker

Kim and Kanye First Lady - Dolley
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First of all, Dolley Madison actually took over White House hosting duties during Thomas Jefferson's presidency when his wife died, and Kim is probably going to take over the world at some point, so there are some easy parallels to draw. Secondly: During the War of 1812, Madison made it a point to evacuate the White House with as many national treasures as she could to protect them from the invading British, saving many important historical items. Similarly, should the West-Kardashian White House ever face an Olympus Has Fallen situation, Kim could save many of Kanye's early sneaker designs, which will surely be important to future generations.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Feminist Icon

Kim and Kanye First Lady - Eleanor
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Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt is widely considered to be America's most influential First Lady, but did she release a book of selfies? Hardly. "It is difficult to overstate the impact of Eleanor Roosevelt on the history of twentieth-century women—not only in America, but also in the world," the National Women's History Museum writes of Roosevelt. "I think you would call me a feminist," Kardashian once said, smiling, for a nautical-themed Rolling Stone cover story.

Jacqueline Kennedy: Fashion Plate

Kim and Kanye First Lady - Jackie
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Jackie Kennedy became an icon for a generation of women due to her glamorous fashion sense, and she completed a restoration and redecoration of the White House, at which point she brought America into her living room for a televised tour. It would not be difficult to rewrite that sentence to accurately reflect Kim's life so far.

Betty Ford: Free Speaker

Kim and Kanye First Lady - Betty
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Ford is often remembered for her openness as a First Lady in regards to discussing personal matters—including her dependency on painkillers and alcohol and her battle with breast cancer—a remarkable and mold-breaking procedure for a First Lady. Kim, too, has very few qualms about discussing her personal life in detail.

Michelle Obama: Fiercely Fit

Kim and Kanye First Lady - Michelle
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Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign, aimed at combating childhood obesity, has been a landmark moment in public health policy. Perhaps, post 2020, Kim could start a similar campaign around waist-training. 24 years later—the Constitution having been amended by President West to allow for uninterrupted consecutive terms with no limit—a new slim-waisted but still curvy America could thank FLOTUS Kardashian for similar contributions.