The couple are butting heads over daughter North West. 


When it come to raising daughter North, it looks like there are things even Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West still disagree over.

According to Kim, speaking to E! News, she and Kanye have been arguing over whether or not they should continue to allow their 6-year-old daughter to wear makeup right now. Kim brought up her mini-me during her KKW Beauty launch at Ulta, where she noted the youngest Kardashian West child was interested in getting into her mom's makeup.

Unfortunately, it looks like getting glammed-up is no longer in the cards for North, as Kanye has decided he will no longer allow her to wear it until she's older.

"North is trying to get in on the makeup, but she's being blocked heavily because her dad has stopped all makeup for her until she is a teenager," Kim explained. "It's a big discussion, a big fight in the household right now but it is what's best."

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Credit: JUCO for WWD

Little North, who loves experimenting with new looks, must be pretty disappointed with Dad's new edict. But Kim is on board with the decision too, as the couple have ultimately decided they'll be stopping her dalliances with makeup for now.

"I think as a parent you just learn and figure it out as you go and we realized we didn't really want her to wear makeup at a young age but she sees her mom putting on lipstick and lip gloss," Kim continued.

Kim first hinted there were signs of unrest in terms of the big makeup decision within her family in September, telling E! News during another makeup event (her KKW x WINNIE collaboration dinner) that Kanye had "had it" with his daughter wearing makeup.

"I think he had it, he changed all the rules,” said Kim. But North continued wearing makeup at the time following that interview – "a little red for Christmas" and "one pop of something."

But North still has plenty of ways she can express herself. As Kim noted during the earlier interview, she's still very much able to "weigh in" on what her daughter wears. Good thing, because it appears there's nothing more North likes (aside from makeup) than a killer fit.

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Credit: JUCO for WWD

Looks like she'll have to further develop her burgeoning makeup skills when she's older.