By Lara Walsh
Updated Jan 02, 2018 @ 8:30 am

Kim Kardashian may have wanted to cut back on her social media presence in 2018, but she broke her resolution within the first few minutes of the New Year. However, it was for a totally good reason.

As the clock struck midnight, signaling the end of the year, the KKW beauty mogul leaned in for a celebratory smooch with her rapper hubby, Kanye West, which she documented on Snapchat.

“I’m like, don’t leave me hanging,” the reality star jokingly protested after a slight pause from the "Famous" hitmaker.

While Mr. West was a little slow on the uptake, the clearly smitten musician offered the camera a rare smile before leaning in to kiss his wife, who wore a white off-the-shoulder dress for the occasion.

The powerhouse couple then turned to each other and beamed like newlyweds.

Last week, the selfie queen took to her website to share her New Year's resolutions, which included less time on her phone in order to be more present, but this looked like as perfect of a moment as any to bend the rules.