Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Being Called Out for Playing House in a Middle-Class Home (Again)

Is this a new Instagram trend?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are typically all about displaying their insane wealth on social media. From Gucci g-strings to peeps inside their $60 million Hidden Hills mansion, Kimye live a pretty lavish lifestyle. But on Tuesday, the couple sparked backlash for posting a picture of themselves inside a seemingly "normal" home.

Taking the meaning behind "doing it for the 'Gram" to a whole other level, Kim and Kanye shared a throwback snap of themselves eating breakfast in an outdated kitchen — a far cry from their LA home.

The picture is from a series the pair shot at music producer Rick Rubin's Shangri La Malibu recording studio back in 2017 for no reason other than aesthetics. And Kim and Kanye playing house in an average home was not appreciated by their followers.

"I wish I could pretend being poor instead of actually being it," wrote one user, while another commented: "Probably set up a photo shoot as a poor couple leaving their poor life."

However, some fans defended the snapshot. "They want to show us that you can be poor and still be happy together....that is my thought," one commenter explained, providing a theory behind the photo shoot.

It appears as if Kimye initiated the shift of the superrich pretending to live in modest homes. Earlier this month, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, who have a combined net worth of nearly $270 million, posed on the countertop of a charming '60s-style kitchen for their Vogue cover shoot.

People had similar feelings about their "fake" home, with one IG user writing: "I know good and well that isn’t their kitchen." Basically, celebs aren't fooling anyone by pretending they are super low-key, so let's pull the plug on this trend.

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