The Internet Can't Handle How Kanye West Left Kim Kardashian to Carry All Their Shopping Bags

Must have been one fire kiss.

Sometimes, you're just so caught up in living your best life that you leave your wife alone in an elevator to carry all your shopping bags.

Okay, maybe that's just something Kanye West did recently during a Paris getaway with Kim Kardashian. The pair spent a lengthy amount of time in the city, and their romantic kiss was caught on camera. They were filmed indulging in a loving embrace, locking lips as the elevator arrived at the next floor.

But it was what happened next that had everyone on social media talking. When the elevator reached its destination, a grinning Kanye departed it without even bothering to turn back and help Kim with their numerous shopping bags.

The rapper wore a broad smile as he exited the elevator, leaving Kim to grab all of their belongings as the elevator door closed behind him.

Of course, this had fans on social media positively freaking out about how hilarious the situation was.

It's hard to blame Kanye for being forgetful, because to be fair, it truly did look like the couple were lost in a very romantic moment. But leaving poor Kim in the elevator like that while the doors closed on her? Truly tragic, as the reality star might say.

This hilarious moment follows up the original attempt by the recent NBA All-Star game to capture the pair smooching via Kiss Cam. It was an awkward display, to say the least, but hey – at least we know Kanye's not afraid to pack on the PDA when he thinks no one's watching.

As for Kim, well, we know she's a boss babe, and she handled all those bags like a pro. Hopefully next time they have an impromptu makeout session, she isn't left to fend for herself, though.

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