By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Apr 30, 2018 @ 10:15 am

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced that they named their daughter "Chicago" earlier this year, it raised eyebrows. But the highly unconventional baby name has significant family ties, primarily for Kanye, whose hometown is Chicago, Ill.

Still though, even though the name is certainly unique, it wasn't something the famous couple was 100 percent sure of in the months leading up to their third child's birth.

Kim Kardashian visited Ellen DeGeneres's show for an interview airing Monday, and she admitted that the couple felt conflicted between a few different name options. Kanye wanted to name Chicago after his late mother, Donda West, who died a decade ago from post-surgery complications.

"He really wanted his mother's name, and I love that name too, but I just wasn't sure," Kim said. "It's so much to live up to."

Kim had other ideas of her own. She liked the idea of naming Chicago after her grandma and Kris Jenner's mom, Mary Jo. “We were gonna name her Jo because my grandma Mary Jo or we were going to go with Grace and then it was Chicago.”

The obvious next choice, really.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian lead
Credit: Jacopo Raule

According to Baby Center, Grace is the 29th most popular name for girls in 2018, so had Chicago been named Grace, it would have been a huge departure from the family's propensity for distinctive baby names like Stormi and True.

The name Chicago was a big surprise to Ellen personally too, since Kim had previously mentioned that she adamantly wanted a one syllable name.

“So ... Chicago is not one syllable,” Ellen said.

“Yeah, it kind of messes with me, I'm not gonna lie," Kim admitted. "I really like the one syllable thing."

Ultimately though, Chicago won out, and Kim explained that it's because Kanye's from Chicago and it's a "place that made him."

"I [also] just felt Chicago was cool and different," she added.

At least with Chicago's nickname "Chi," Kim can get her one syllable baby name.