You’ll Never Guess What Kim Kardashian West Greets Kanye West with After All His Shows

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File this under the most Kardashian things that the Kardashian family has ever done.

In a move that only further solidifies our belief that Kim Kardashian West and her rapper husband are meant to be, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently took to her website to share exactly what she brings to Kanye West when she meets him backstage after all of his performances. And while her very specific answer is not something we would have guessed, it is hardly surprising.

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"After every show, I always greet Kanye with a black Versace towel and a glass of water in a Versace glass," Mrs. West revealed in a post. "And there was a fun slushy machine in the friends and family room." We have a feeling that this ritual doesn't come cheap.

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The mother of two also recently divulged that the couple is trying for baby number three in a clip from her reality show, though her doctors are concerned about the life-threatening health risks that could result from her carrying another child.

With or without another baby, this brood has a lot to be thankful for.

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