Even Kim Kardashian Needs Some Time Away From Her Kids Sometimes

"I'm like, hiding from them."

We all love our kids. But sometimes we just need a tiny bit of time away from them for some momentary peace, especially during these times of social distancing. Celebrities, as you'll find out, are the exact same way.

At least, that's what some famous parents shared during a recent episode of Jimmy Fallon's talk show. His live-stream version of his typical late-night series Tonight Show: At Home Edition is still going strong, and for the latest episode on Monday evening (March 31), he had a fellow parent on board for the ride: Kim Kardashian West.

Speaking from her "mom's glam room," Kim noted little sister Kylie did her makeup and her hair because she's "not that good at it." She made some stealthy moves away from her home to get there because she "had to get away from her kids."

"Everyone was like 'you have everything at your house, so you shouldn't get bored,'" Kim lamented after Jimmy questioned whether the reality star ever received any advice on what to do while self-isolating with children. Jimmy echoed Kim's frustrations, agreeing that kids get bored very easily.

"We've done everything from edible slime, which is just...hello?" Kim joked, as well as being the "teacher" to two young kids being "insanity" due to their educational and entertainment needs.

"I'm like, hiding from them," said Kim. Jimmy agreed that his own daughter's needs included him "learning Spanish again" due to her homework.

"Then we have to stop for them to eat, so we go run up and down in the backyard, or they do this Pokémon yoga or the princess yoga. It's insane. They love to make forts, so every room in th house I a different fort.

"All my tables are turned into forts," said Jimmy. "Today we made Play-Doh," he said before showing Kim a photo of his son from his phone, whose hands were completely blue.

Of course, the pair are doting parents – but being around your kids can absolutely end up taking a toll on you. Here's to hoping these two famous child-wranglers don't end up going stir-crazy by the end of this whole social distancing tactic thanks to their kids!

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