Including the very personal engraving on the back.


Where does one wear a watch that cost almost $400,000? More specifically, a nearly $400,000 watch that was previously worn by Jackie Kennedy?

For Kim Kardashian, it's a very important White House meeting with President Donald Trump.

In an interview with Vogue, Kim revealed that she wore Jackie O's watch (which she bought in 2017 for $395,000) when she met with Trump last year to plead for clemency for Alice Marie Johnson.

“I bought Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s watch at auction,” she told Vogue. “I wore it when I went to the White House. It gave me some power: Let’s get in there and get this done!”

And she did get it done — after that meeting, Trump granted clemency to Johnson.

In 2017, Kim anonymously bid on Jackie Kennedy's gold 1962 Cartier tank wristwatch. The timepiece was a gift from the former First Lady's brother-in-law, Prince Stanislaw “Stas” Radziwill. It includes an engraving that reads “Stas to Jackie 23 Feb. 63 2:05 am to 9:35 pm,” a reference to the famous 50-mile hike that Radziwill, family friend Chuck Spalding, and Secret Service agent Clint Hill embarked on together.

Jackie Kennedy Watch
Credit: Courtesy Christie's
Jackie Kennedy Watch
Credit: Courtesy Christie's

Kim styled the watch with an all-black pantsuit and an unexpected pair of neon pumps.

Since the watch gave her so much power during the Trump meeting, maybe Kim will wear it when she takes the bar exam in 2022.