But the outrage might be a tad misplaced.

By Isabel Jones
Mar 08, 2019 @ 2:30 pm

It’s not enough that America’s most dramatic family is generating internal scandals on the reg — everyone seems to want to steal a slice of KarJenner drama for themselves, and more often than not that desire manifests itself in the comments section.

In the most recent episode of The People vs. Kim Kardashian (aka life), social media users accused the influencer of trying to look black.

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Armenian-American star tweeted a Hayden Williams illustration of herself in the head-to-toe leopard print Alaïa ensemble she’d worn in Paris the day prior.

Fans (or, more likely, foes) immediately took issue with the tone of Kardashian’s skin in the image:

And once they’d had at it with Kim (who, to be fair, was simply a vessel for the work), they came for the illustrator. Williams, a black man, was appalled by the hate he received, and went off in his own comments section (caps lock really shines here):

“My art is NOT meant to be an exact replica of the people I illustrate,” he explained. “They are not portraits, but fashion illustrations and are STYLISED interpretations of who I choose to illustrate. Some of you are putting way too much emphasis on skin tones of my art, when my art has ALWAYS had variations of even the same subjects over the years.”



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As you know, it’s not over until the leopard-obsessed lady sings. Your move, Kim.