Kim Kardashian Got an Emergency Haircut in a Parking Lot

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Most celebrity hair transformations happen at a fancy salon, but Kim Kardashian's latest cut took place in a random parking lot. Yes, that's right. While casually driving through Calabasas, KKW realized she was in despate need of a trim. So, she did what anyone experiencing a hair emergency would do: She called her go-to stylist Chris Appleton.

She made a pit stop at Appleton's gym, where he was presumably working out, to have him fix her split ends. Once Kardashian was able to locate the celebrity hairstylist (and after he borrowed a pair of craft scissors from his gym), they set up shop in the parking lot of a Hollywood apartment complex. Then she begain documenting her mid-drive cut on her Instagram Story.

"Okay, so what do you do when you need a haircut mid-drive? You call Chris at the gym and he borrows scissors from the gym and we're in a random apartment complex parking lot in Hollywood," Kardashian says in the first clip. "No one would believe it,"

Kardashian also jokes about how she's been putting Appleton through hell since he cut her hair shorter earlier this week. Judging from his smile and laughter, the stylist doesnt seem too angry about it.

Appleton posted the entire haircut process, including the finished look, on his main grid. As you can see, Kardashian's new cut is full of fresh layers — and free of split ends.

"Hair 911 on Hollywood Blvd with @kimkardashian," he joked in the post's caption.

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As someone who's cried too many times after I've trimmed my bangs with kitchen scissors out of desperation, I have to say I'm jealous. My cuts have never looked this good. Then again, I'm not a celebrity hairstylist who's trusted by J.Lo and Katy Perry, along with Kardashian.

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