Kim Kardashian West Wanted to Rent Out a Grocery Store for Her Birthday

According to Kim Kardashian West, fame is not everything.

While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the reality mogul admitted that she'd forgo designer duds and diamonds just to go grocery shopping again. "This sounds so crazy and it may be unrelatable so I'm sorry—but [what I really asked for my birthday was], 'Can someone rent out Ralph's [grocery store] for me for one hour?'" the 37-year-old star, who rang in her birthday on Oct. 21, revealed.

She explained further: "I haven't been to a grocery store in years... I want to go to Ralph's with my kid in the cart and go through every aisle, That's my biggest miss. I miss the grocery store—filling up your house with groceries. That's when I had my apartment, that was so much fun. I'd have to run to the grocery store. It sounds stupid."

While host DeGeneres said she had trouble empathizing with the mom of two, she did admit that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star might have some difficulty making a quick shopping trip. "If you went, everyone would stop you for a selfie and you wouldn't be able to do that," the emcee joked, before the pair concocted a brilliant plan that we frankly hope airs on a future episode soon.

"Maybe I'll put on a disguise and try to go. Let's dress up and go to the grocery store!" Kardashian exclaimed.

To throw in an extra decoy, the host even promised that she would dress up as the "other Kardashian sister," Karla. "I can be Karla Kardashian and I'll get all the attention," DeGeneres quipped. "People will see it's Karla Kardashian and they won't even notice you!"

Can we please make this happen ASAP?

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