Kim Kardashian Just Shared a Throwback to Her First-Ever Tweet

2009 was a simpler time.

Kim Kardashian is throwing it way back to the first thing she ever tweeted.

On Sunday, she re-tweeted her first tweet all the way from 2009, before she was Kim Kardashian West, and way before she became a mom, law student, and criminal justice activist. The tweet? "Hey guys it’s Kim Kardashian! I finally signed up for Twitter! There are a few fakes so just know this is the real me!!!"

In the ten years since then, Kim has become one of the most-followed people on social media, with over 62 million Twitter followers and over 149 million Instagram followers. And she's gone from a Twitter newbie to someone who memorably set the platform ablaze when she infamously called Taylor Swift out and started the #TaylorSwiftIsASnake party.

2009 may have been a simpler time, but Kim's social media prowess has only gotten more formidable.

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