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Kelsey Glein
Oct 20, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

Tomorrow is Kim Kardashian's 35th birthday, and to celebrate the star is opening up about all things related to her special day. It comes as no shock that her favorite birthday present is the engagement ring her now-husband Kanye West gave Kardashian for her 33rd birthday—and we're not sure anything could ever top that bauble. Unsurprisingly, the star also considers that her most memorable party of all time.

Her birthdays may be all star-studded soirées and diamonds now, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten traditions of years past. "I had a birthday party when I was little with Morley the Clown. After that, my dad would call and leave the song as a voicemail and hang up," she shares of her special birthday rituals. "Now my dad's ex-fiancée will still call and play it for me and hang up. It's so funny!" And, her go-to birthday cake is old school as well. Kardashian likes to keep it simple with a classic: Hansen's Cakes vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chip filling.

But what the star is most looking forward to in the upcoming year? That question was an easy one for Mrs. West: "Expanding the family, having a son, and getting skinny!"

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