North West had (understandable) questions. 


“Gangnam Style” has been alive longer than North West, yet in her short life she’s already managed to travel on a private jet, land three magazine covers, and become an international beauty icon — you know, average 5-year-old fare.

Kim Kardashian North West lead
Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Despite the guise of unreality that being born to two of the most famous people on the planet must provide, even lil’ North knows something’s up. While being casually tailed by the paparazzi one day, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s eldest asked her mom, “Why are there lots of people every day taking pictures of us?” Fair Q, North.

Obviously, Kim wasn’t about to fast-track her 5-year-old on the true driving force behind the Kardashian dynasty. Previously, when asked why she’s famous, Kim skirted the issue and told North, “We have a TV show.” This time, she was even more vague — but hilariously so.

“Well, to get very technical,” she began, “My name is Kim Kardashian. And daddy is Kanye West,” she continued, “And daddy is a singer, performer, artiste.” Religious leader didn’t make the cut, Kim? Now, how to explain her own contributions to society … “Mommy,” she started, “has so many talents I can’t even begin to name them.”

With the advent of this thing we call the internet, it probably won’t be too long before North learns the truth. But for now, we’re plenty happy to imagine North thinking her mom is the most talented woman in the world.