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The Kardashian-West family is growing, but this time, Kim Kardashian isn't going to be enlisting the help of a surrogate. In her latest string of tweets, Kardashian introduced her followers to the newest members of the family, a pair of Instagram-ready fluffy dogs (floof doggos, if you speak fluent internet) and asked for some help. In one of the tweets, she's taking suggestions for names, which is similar to what she did the last time the family got a new canine addition.

"Meet our new babies! We just need names! North came up with names that go with our other Pomeranian Sushi," Kardashian wrote. "She wants white baby girl to be named Saké and the black baby boy either Soba (Noodle) or Soy Sauce. Please comment below any ideas you have!!!!"

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In the accompanying photos, she's showing off the dogs. One is a fluffy white cloud of a pup and the other is all black.

She used a Twitter poll to name the third dog, as North already chose Saké for the white female pupper.

But because she's all about democracy now, Kardashian is also open to any other names. In a separate tweet, she asked if there were other suggestions to go with Saké and Sushi, the OG Kardashian-West pom.

Kardashian's followers suggested other culinary names, such as Sriracha, Pepper, Salt, Teriyaki, and Tofu. Non-food-related suggestions included Yin and Yang, Akira or Tetsuo as a nod to Kanye's love of the Akira anime, and Paris Hilton Jr. Kim hasn't posted the results of her poll just yet — Soba was in the lead on Friday evening — but if things go like they did last time, the end result could be something that was never even an option. Back in 2017, Kardashian posted a similar poll, with the options Baby Jesus, Peachy Pop, Sushi, and Goldie for her family's first Pomeranian. Peachy Pop won, but Kim went with Sushi, which took second place.

Whatever the dog's name ends up being, you can be sure Kim will let everyone know when she makes up her mind.