You Could See Kim Kardashian and Daughter Chicago on Your Next Target Run

Yes, even the Kardashians shop at Target.

The next time you head out to Target, keep an eye out for Kim Kardashian and her brood – namely, Kim's daughter Chicago and niece True.

Kim took to Instagram with an adorable series of videos and photos featuring her 1-year-old Chi and sister Khloé Kardashian's 1-year-old daughter True living it up in the iconic red Target cart. Yep, even the Kardashians shop at Target, and it looked like Chi and True were learning one important lesson early: Target is fun!

"swipe for major cuteness," Kim captioned her post, which was comprised of a few shots of little Chicago and True lounging inside a Target cart before being spun around in the card in the middle of the store.

"Again! Again!" Chicago called out, clearly the adventurous one. It's clear that she's growing up to be the spitting image of sister North, especially in these videos.

The girls couldn't get enough of their cart-centric thrill ride, as they giggled and laughed, asking for more. After hanging out in the carts, it was time for lunch. In the last video, Chicago and True spend some time at a restaurant chowing down on chicken and rice.

The cuteness can barely be contained in the clip as Chicago feeds True a few small bites from her own plate. It's clear they've done this before, but it's still absolutely adorable. By the end of the series of Instagram posts, the pair are seen sitting at the table grinning at each other: a day well spent together.

It looks like little Chicago and True are growing up to be BFFs, which is great news. The Kardashian family is one of the most tight-knit in the celebrity world, so we can't wait to see more of the pair's Target adventures.

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